Welcome to the homepage of Innovative REMediation and assessment TEChnologies for contaminated soil and groundwater (REMTEC).

The REMTEC project has been created to provide a national platform for novel and applied research in soil and groundwater remediation. The main project objective is to develop new technologies, tools and holistic solutions for contaminated sites by chlorinated solvents, heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH's). REMTEC will focus on maximizing the social benefits of these new procedures within the frame of an environmentally friendly philosophy.

REMTEC has interdisciplinary character and unites strong Danish research expertise (DTU Environment, GEUS and NERI AU) in the area with leading consultants, international researchers and environmental authorities.

This webpage provides you with information about the project, partners and collaborators in this project.

Poul L. Bjerg
Project Leader


  • New model and Manual: Practical tool for enhanced reductive dechlorination design in clay till.

  • Updated Spreadsheet-Model for risk assessment of fractured clay till (DTU V1D). Program and manual for download.

  • New publications by REMTEC participants:

    Broholm, M. M., Hunkeler, D., Tuxen, N., Jeannottat, S., Scheutz, C. (2014). Stable carbon isotope analysis to distinguish biotic and abiotic degradation of 1,1,1-trichloroethane in groundwater sediments. Chemosphere; 108: 265-273

    Bælum, J., Scheutz, C., Chambon, J.C., Jensen, C.M., Brochmann, R.P., Dennis, P., Laier, T., Broholm, M.M., Bjerg, P.L., Binning, P.J., Jacobsen, C.S., (2014). The impact of bioaugmentation on dechlorination kinetics and on microbial dechlorinating communities in subsurface clay till. Environmental pollution; 186:149-157.

    Geoffrey Marchal, Kilian E.C. Smith, Philipp Mayer, Lis Wollesen de Jonge, Ulrich G. Karlson (2014). Impact of soil amendments and the plant rhizosphere on PAH behaviour in soil. Environmental Pollution; 188:124e131

    Jordi Palau, Massimo Marchesi, Julie C.C. Chambon, Ramon Aravena, Àngels Canals, Philip J. Binning,
    Poul L. Bjerg, Neus Otero, Albert Soler (2014). Multi-isotope (carbon and chlorine) analysis for fingerprinting and site characterization at a fractured bedrock aquifer contaminated by chlorinated ethenes. 475: 61-70

    Damgaard,I. Bjerg, P.L., Jacobsen,C.S.,  Tsitonaki A., Kerrn-Jespersen,H., Broholm, M .M.(2013). Performance of Full-Scale Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination in Clay till. Groundwater Monitoring and Remediation, DOI: 10.1111/j.1745-6592.2012.01405.x, 33, 1, 48–61.
19 NOVEMBER 2019